Practical Manual of Soil Science: Based on 5th Deans’ Committee’s Recommendations

V. Kumar, R. Kumar


Soil is an excellent gift of nature for the livelihood of all living creatures on the earth. Inappropriately, attention to the management of its health and productivity has been found to be inadequate in many parts of the world. Soil organic matter is one of the most complex materials existing in nature that plays spectral role in the maintenance and productivity of soil resource. It contains soil physical, chemicals and soil carbon analysis, microbial synthesized compound and an endless array of derivates materials in organic constituents present in undecayed plant and animal tissues. The humus material of soil organic matter by virtue of its high cation exchange capacity and chelating power, acts as reservoir of nutrients. This book discusses all of the above with the latest 5th Dean Committee Recommendations as the foundation. It will prove to be beneficial for the UG, PG students, researchers, scientists, foresters for carrying out soil physical, chemical and carbon analysis

1. Safety Measures in the Laboratory
2. How to Study the Objectives and Procedure of Soil Sampling
3. Determination of Soil Moisture Content by Gravimetric Method
4. Determination of Soil Texture by Mechanical Analysis
5. Determination of Physical Constants of Soils
6. Determination of Aggregates Size Distribution by Yoder’s Apparatus
7. Determination of Infiltration Rate
8. Determination of pH in Soil
9. Determination of Electrical Conductivity in Soils
10. Determination of Available Nitrogen in Soils
11. Determination of Available Phosphorus in Soils
12. Determination of Available Potassium in Soils
13. Determination of Available Sulphur in Soils
14. Determination of Exchangeable Calcium and Magnesium in Soils
15. Determination of Available Micronutrients in Soils
16. Determination of Organic Carbon in Soils
17. Determination of Hot Water Soluble Carbon in Soils
18. Determination of Particulate Organic Carbon in Soils
19. Determination of Aggregate Associated Organic Carbon in Soils
20. Determination of Permanganate Oxidizable Organic Carbon in Soils
21. Determination of Light Fraction Carbon in Soils
22. Determination of Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon in Soils
23. Determination of Carbohydrate Carbon in Soils
24. Determination of Soil Respiration