A Guide to the Publishing Process

Publishing your unfinished manuscript into a world reckoning book can seem a long and cumbersome process, we at Brillion Publishing work with you at every step of the way to help maximize the potential of your work. We're very proud of our commitment to detail and timely delivery schedule. 

The Process


Planning to write a textbook for students or planning to compile your research for scientists? We at Brillion will help you plan and decide on your Contents for maximum impact.
In case of a textbook for students, our editors will work with you and discuss the current requirements of the academia and syllabi. We will share with you what the faculties are looking for in today's books and help you plan your manuscript accordingly. 
In case of a reference work, our editors will dive deeply into your work and partner with you for providing the latest breakthroughs and making sure you don't fall behind the current trends of science.

Delivering Your Manuscript

Please ensure that the final manuscript has been proof-read and is as free from error or omission as you can make itIf you are the editor of a contributed volume, it is your responsibility to check through the entire manuscript, paying particular attention to any chapters by non-native speakers. We ask you to ensure that the chapters are consistent in style throughout the book, especially in terms of their notes and references.
Please ensure that you include every element to be incorporated in the book, including (but not limited to):
•    Title page
•    Table of contents
•    List of contributors
•    List of illustrations
•    Glossary
•    Foreword or preface
•    Notes
•    Bibliography
The manuscript should be delivered electronically as an email attachment or on a memory stick or CD.


We know how much effort goes into your research, and it would be unfortunate if it doesn't achieve its potential due to any Editorial shortcomings. 
Our team will help you in every stage of editing, from correcting any irregularities to choosing the right words for maximum impact. Our Editorial offices in New York and India provide you with highly professional Editing of your work, we provide the manuscript with the Academic Structure and English prose of international standard your book needs to spread around the globe. We even help you in the content development of the book. We take care of the Editing aspects while you carry on with what is important, research.

Production Process

Once the book has gone through editing and is free of any discrepancies, we move on to building the book's basic structure.
•    Copy-editing
•    Typesetting
•    Proof-reading
•    Revision
•    Indexing
Most of our books are taken through this process by specialist, out-of-house Project Managers. Your Project Manager will be in regular contact, sending you information on the production process, what is required of you, and a detailed schedule.
As a rough guide a standard schedule from handover to our production department to publication, for a non-complex, project-managed book is as follows:
•    Copy-editing (2 weeks, with author queries arising in the 3rd week)
•    Typesetting (2 weeks)
•    Proof-reading and collation (3 weeks)
•    Revision (1 week)
•    Revises check and indexing (1 week)
•    Final correction (1 week)
•    Printing (3 weeks)
We are very proud of our timelines and excellent track record of keeping up with them, if you need a book on an urgent basis, we will work with you for special cases as well.


The difference between a book left on the shelf and one in the bag can sometimes be the cover, and that's why we at Brillion emphasize on design not being an obstacle to the books' success. 
Our outstanding designers from all around the world will present contemporary and beautifully designed covers and work through your recommendations before finalizing. 
A picture can speak a thousand words, a good picture can speak about a book.


Every book is different, and we know that. 
Be it a textbook on Entomology for students appearing for an examination or a reference work for the research of Head of Department of Cell Biology, we understand that every book has been written for a specific reader in mind. 
We develop a unique marketing strategy for your book for it to reach its maximum potential. From getting the perfect cover design to choosing the appropriate medium for your book, we make sure your book receives the exact marketing inputs it needs for it to reach the reader you wrote for.

Post Press Services

This is where the success of every book lies, in the information that is shared with the author to help him or her understand the market response and work to always improve the work. 
We provide extensive feedback from readers, faculties and all reliable sources for your feedback for a better book. We help you understand what the market is looking for and how we can help the book turn more sales and reach more hands.

Have a manuscript in mind?

Don't worry, our team of editors and marketers will work in tandem to maximise the potential of your unfinished work. 

Get in touch or submit a proposal, and help make the world a better place through science.