Concepts of Statistical Methods for Agriculture and allied Sciences

S.K. Mahapatra


About the Book:

Statistics is the Science of Collection, Organization, Preseentation, Analysis and Interpretation of numerical data. Various concepts of Statistical Methods plays an important role in Agricultural Research, Develpment and policy decisions.

In Agricultural Research, Statistics tools have played a significant role in the analysis and interpretation of data. It also plays a key role in Statistical Modelling and Forecasting procedure to determine the future area, production, productivity as well as the future demand and supply of food products.


In this text books, Efforts have been made to describe the basic concepts of statistics and statistical methods in a systematic manner

Suitable Examples related to agricultural field data are presented in each Chapter. Various Solved Numericals as well as Important Practice questions are included in various chapter such as Measure of Central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion & probability.

The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of the B.Sc.(Hons) Agriulture and other allied degrees such as B.Sc.(Hons) Horticulture/Agril Engg/Forestry/Fishery Sc/Community Sc/Agri-Business/Food Nutrition & Dietitics/Sericulture/Diary Technology students as per the latest updations of the ICAR 5th Deans’ Committee Recommendations.

 Introduction to Statistics
 Role of Statistics in Agriculture and Allied Sectors
 Graphical Representation of Data
 Measure of Central Tendency
 Measure of Dispersion
 Probability
 Introduction to Sampling Methods
 Sampling Vs. Complete Enumeration
 Correlation
 Regression Analysis
 Binomial and Poisson Distribution
 Testing of Hypothesis
 Chi-Square Test
 Analysis of Variances (ANOVA)
 Design of Experiment