Practical Manual on Herbal Drug Technology

Dilpreet Singh et al.


The subject gives to the student the knowledge of basic understanding of herbal drug industry, the quality of raw material, guidelines for quality of herbal drugs, herbal cosmetics, natural sweeteners, nutraceutical etc. The subject also emphasizes on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), patenting
and regulatory issues of herbal drugs. The objectives of this book are upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

 Understand raw material as source of herbal drugs from cultivation to herbal drug product.
 Know the WHO and ICH guidelines for evaluation of herbal drugs.
 Know the herbal cosmetics, natural sweeteners, and nutraceuticals.
 Appreciate patenting of herbal drugs, GMP.

 Experiment No. 1: Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Aqueous Extract of Neem
 Experiment No. 2: Alcohol Content Determination from Ayurveda Formulation
 Experiment No. 3: Evaluation of Excipients of Natural Origins
 Experiment No. 4: Preparation and Evaluation of Turmeric Cream
 Experiment No. 5: Preparation and Evaluation of Aloevera Lotion
 Experiment No. 6: Preparation and Evaluation of Herbal Shampoo
 Experiment No. 7: Preparation and Evaluation of Orange Syrup B.P.C
 Experiment No. 8: Preparation and Evaluation of Churna Mixture
 Experiment No. 9: Preparation of a Herbal Tablet Containing 10% W/W of Azadirachta Indica
 Experiment No. 10: In Process Quality Control Tests of Azadirachta Indica Tablets
 Experiment No. 11: Monograph Analysis of Castor Oil
 Experiment No. 12: Determination of Aldehyde Content in Lemon Oil
 Experiment No. 13: Determination of Phenol Content
 Experiment No. 14: Determination of Total Alkaloids