Objective Soil Science : for JRF, SRF, ARS, SAU competitions (5th Deans Committee (ICAR) recommended syllabus)

P. Gurumurthy


This book is an attempt to provide an updated coverage of syllabus and latest pattern of questions competitive entrance examinations of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry such as JRF (Physical Sciences), SRF, ASRB and State Agricultural Universities entrance examinations for PG & PhD courses and Assistant professor posts in the disciplines of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Agronomy, Environment sciences. The book has been shaped entirely according to the student perspective and recommendations of 5th Deans’ committee of ICAR. A sincere effort has been made to present the material chapter wise in a very functional and practical manner so that students enjoy the learning process as they proceed through the lesson rather than experiencing it as an ordeal. This book will not only strengthen the conceptual foundation of the students but also equip them with the necessary speed, accuracy and confidence for the entrance examinations. Each chapter has been designed with different models of objective questions with the aim of testing an aspirant’s grasp and understanding of concepts. Furthermore, seven model question papers were given with answers so that the students can test themselves and buildup their confidence levels.

 Soil and the Earth
 Soil Genesis
 Soil Survey and Soil Classification
 Soils of India
 Soil Physical Properties
 Soil Chemical Properties
 Soil Mineralogical properties
 Soil Organic matter
 Soil Biological Properties
 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
 Manures, Fertilizers and other Agro-chemicals
 Soil Health and Soil Quality
 Soil Degradation
 Problematic soils and their management
 Soil Pollution
 Irrigation Water Quality
 Analytical Soil Chemistry
 Remote sensing and GIS
 Model question Paper-1
 Model question Paper-2
 Model Question Paper-3
 Model Question Paper-4
 Model Question Paper-5
 Model Question Paper-6
 Model Question Paper-7