Textbook on Geo Informatics and Nano Technology in Precision Farming

Y.S. Satish Kumar, U.V.B. Reddy, P.V.R.M. Reddy


This Textbook on “Geo Informatics and Nano Technology in Precision farming” is remarkable in throwing light on the spatial aspects such as precision farming, data acquisition system, multispectral remote sensing, remote sensing in thermal infrared region, using G I S, GPS, remote sensing in yield monitoring, soil mapping for land use and land cover detection, fertilizer recommendations, and satellite image interpretation and Nano Technology. This is the first comprehensive study on Geo-informatics meant for students and professionals which brings together the essential elements of Remote sensing, GPS and GIS in the field of agriculture and allied science.
This textbook is conceptually divided into four parts and the chapters of the textbook have been arranged in a rather classical set-up so that it is easily understood for all, UG and P.G students. This book gives the information from land preparation to harvesting of crops using Nanofertilizers, nano-pesticides- nano-sensorsimportance
and advantages– strategies. This book is a valuable resource for all B.Sc(Ag), M.Sc(Ag) and Ph.D (Soil Science & Agronomy) students and also highly use full for JRF and SRF exams conducted by ICAR and other competitive exams.

 Precision Agriculture: Concepts and Techniques- Issues and Concerns for Indian Agriculture: Principles and practices of Precision Agriculture
 Geo- Informatics 􀀜 Definition 􀀜 concepts 􀀜 Tools and Techniques and their Use in Precision Agriculture
 Crop Discrimination and Yield Monitoring Techniques
 Geodesy and its Basic Principles
 Spatial Data and their Management in GIS
 Global Positioning System (GPS) – Components and its Applications
 Remote Sensing and its Applications in Agriculture
 Introduction to Remote Sensing
 Energy Sources and Interaction
 Remote Sensing-Image Classification
 Cartography, Units of Cartography, Map Scale, Symbols used in Cartography, Soil Mapping Techniques
 Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM) for Precision Agriculture
 Remote Sensing in Soil Survey, Crop Acrage Estimation and Yield Monitoring Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture – Tillage – Seed – Water – fertilizers – Plant Protection for Scaling-up Farm Productivity
 Methods of Synthesis of Nanomaterials
 Nano Fertilizers- Nano Pestiscides