Fundamentals of Crop Processing Technology and Protected Cultivation

P. Kandasamy


This book provides a wide range of fundamental principles of crop processing technology and protected cultivation. Almost all raw agricultural materials are transformed into food products suitable for consumption and of the highest quality by a series of operations; thus, different types of equipment are employed to perform these
transformations. The book is designed as per the ICAR syllabus for post-harvest technology of crops and protected cultivation. The book has been divided into several chapters to understand different unit operations involved in crop processing and protected cultivation. The book deals with the grain structure, engineering properties of biological materials, psychrometry, moisture content, grain drying theory and equipment, size reduction theory, seed cleaning, grading, separation, and processing of paddy, wheat, maize, barley, millets, and pulses, grain storage, materials handling, greenhouse types, cultivation, greenhouse environment, greenhouse construction, heating, cooling, and design. The book is more relevant to the crop processing industry and the cultivation of crops in the greenhouse environment in general. It could be an ideal textbook for agricultural engineering and agricultural science students, professionals for self-study, trainees of professional training institutions, and seed processing industries.

 Introduction
 Engineering Properties of Agricultural Materials
 Psychrometry
 Grain Moisture Content Measurement
 Theory of Grain Drying
 Grain Drying Equipment
 Theory of Size Reduction
 Seed Cleaning and Grading
 Seed Separation
 Parboiling of Paddy
 Milling of Paddy
 Processing of Wheat
 Processing of Maize
 Processing of Barley
 Processing of Millets
 Processing of Pulses
 Food Grain Storage
 Material Handling and Transportation
 Protected Cultivation
 Greenhouse Construction and Greenhouse Environments
 Greenhouse Cooling Systems
 Greenhouse Heating Systems
 Greenhouse Irrigation Systems
 Bibliography