Biochemical Estimations : A Laboratory Manual

V.U Patil, A. Ashwini, R. Poornima


A thoroughly revised book titled ‘Biochemical Estimations-A laboratory Manual’ includes all the relevant methods and protocols to estimate plant/food carbohydrates [Reducing and Non reducing sugars ], characterize fats [Saponification and fatty acid number], proteins and their amino acid content and vitamis [vit A, B, C and D]. The book has a total of 19 tests for carbohydrates, 12 tests for lipids, 14 tests for proteins and amino acids and 5 tests for vitamin estimation. It has also protocols for estimating cyanogens, curcumins, carotenoids, tannins, capsaicin, anthocyanin and cystatins. The manual also has procedure to estimate total ash, moisture and essential oil content along with steps for isolation of active chloroplast and observation of activity through Hill’s reaction.

Most importantly the manual also contains lab precautions to be taken while carrying out the experiments as most of the experiments involve handling of highly inflammable, corrosive solvents and concentrated acids.

 Carbohydrates
 Lidips
 Amino Acids And Proteins
 Methods of Vitamin Analysis
 Estimation of Total Ash Content
 Determination of Cyanogens
 Isolation of Active Chloroplasts from Leaves and Observation of Hill Reaction Activity of Chloroplasts
 Extraction of Curcumin Pigment
 Estimation of Total Carotenoids from Plant Tissue
 Determination of Moisture Content of Flour
 Determination of Moisture Content Using Oven Drying method
 Estimation of Tannins by Folin-Denis and Vanillin Hydrocloride Methods
 To Estimate the Capsaicin by Spectrophotometric Method
 To Separate Anthocyanins by Paper and/or Thin layer Chromatography
 To Separate and Characterize the Anthocyanin Pigments
 Steam Distillation and Isolation of Essential Oils
 To Study the Antifungal Activity of Cystatin Present in the Given Sample