Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Fisheries

K.P. Chaudhary, J. K. Chaudhary


This Book has covered diversified topics on Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Fisheries, like, Entrepreneurship in Livestock Sector, Role of Market Led Extension and Marketing Channels in Livestock Entrepreneurship, Livestock supply chain in India, Poultry Farming, Integrated Farming System, Entrepreneurship opportunities in Aquaponics, Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Fish Processing, Women’s Aquapreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities, Pearl Farming etc. which are widely covered and elaborately explained.


 An honest effort has been made to compile the existing and new approaches and strategies for Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Fisheries Sector.

 Each chapter has been written in a systematic way so that readers can understand the contents easily.

 The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of the graduate, post graduate students, teachers and research scientists in Livestock and Fisheries sectors.

 Entrepreneurship in Livestock Sector
 Key Steps in Livestock Business Innovation and Start-up
 Challenges in Livestock Entrepreneurship
 Role of Market Led Extension and Marketing Channels in Livestock Entrepreneurship
 Livestock Supply Chain in India: Current Scenario, Prospects & Challenges: Methods to Improve India’s Milk and Meat Supply Chains
 Sustainable Livestock Production
 Livestock Business Risk Management
 Smart Livestock Farming: Potential of Digitalization
 Poultry Farming: A Sustainable Profitable Enterprise
 Small Scale Poultry Hatchery: A Way to Strengthen Backyard Poultry Farming in North Eastern India
 Opportunity and Challenges of Goat Farming Entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship in Piggery
 Solar Energy-Based Entrepreneurship: An Innovative Model to Pace Dairy Farming in India
 Challenges Faced by Rural Farm Veterinary Enterprises in India
 Framework of Entrepreneurial Venture and Entrepreneurship as a solution to Poverty
 Integrated Farming System a Strain of Entrepreneurs for Livelihood Development,Nutritional and Cropping Security for North-East India
 Status of Livestock Production & its Role for Rural Transformation through different Production Systems
 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Aquaponics – An Integrated Approach for Aquaculture and Agriculture
 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Fish Processing Sector
 Women’s Aquapreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities
 Entreprenurship or Job Opportunity in the Discipline of Aquaculture
 Pearl Farming: An Economically Viable Entrepreneurship Development Opportunity in Rajasthan
 Blue Food Entrepreneurship
 Biological Filters: The Most Essential Component of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
 Recirculating Aquacultural Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship Development for Sustainable Aquaculture
 Empowerment of Farmers and Entrepreneurship Development through Water Reed (Schoenoplectus lactustris Linn) Integrated with Fish
 Ornamental Fisheries – Scope and Opportunities in North East India
 Ornamental Fish Production As A Business Enterprise