Conceptual Objective Agriculture Volume-4 : For Civil Service Exam, JRF, SRF, NET, BHU, UG, PG and Other Competitive Exams

R. K. Rout, B.P. Gantayat, B. Sinha


Agriculture is a technical subject in the sense that it requires deep knowledge and interest in farming and other allied activities. Most of the civil service aspirants have been inclined to agriculture as an optional subject for
remarkable success in the recent past years to be ahead of the competition. The present book entitled to “Conceptual Objectives in Agriculture, Vol.-IV is prepared by eminent Professors as per their areas of expertise for materializing the aim of the aspirants. It is especially meant for Civil Service Exam as it is created conceptually inclusive of the entire course curriculum of Agriculture. The civil service aspirants will definitely get more benefits by using this book as it is presented in a simple, conceptual and in lucid style for quick understanding and also there is no parallel book till now to cover all the syllabic of civil service exam. It is equally meant for all the semesters of UG and PG, JRF, SRF, NET, BHU and Other Competitive Exams. This book covers 11 chapters
likely Agronomy, Agricultural Meteorology Soil Science, Biochemistry and the other volume will cover the rest subjects of Agriculture. We and our Mentors have made every effort to deal with all the chapters comprehensively and in simple words for quick understanding. At the start of the each chapter, learning objectives are incorporated for understanding the details of the chapter & also question bank has been prepared at the end of every chapter to provide an overview.

 Principles of Agronomy
 Water Management
 Weed Management
 Crop Production Technology (Kharif & Rabi)
 Principles of Organic Farming
 Introductory Agro-meteorology and Climate Change
 Fundamentals of Soil Science
 Manures, Fertilizers & Soil Fertility Management
 Problematic soils and their management
 Agricultural Microbiology
 Agriculture Biochemistry