Red Sanders : (Pterocarpus santalinus Linn) The Red Jewel of Eastern Ghats

M. V. Durai et al.


Red sanders is one of highly prized timbers in the world. The price of one tonne Red Sanders heartwood is ranges from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore in the international market. Red sanders is being widely used in the traditional health care systems since many centuries. It is endemic to south India and is distributed in about 9600 km² of land. Its global trade dates back to at least 400 years. It has huge demand international market especially in China and Japan. Due to its ever increasing demand in market and price, foresters and farmers are interested in cultivating red sanders in large scale. Since, comprehensive, concise and complete information on red sanders is not available, especially establishment and management of plantation, heartwood formation and its quality, trade, legislation and regulations at both domestic and international level. While keeping these knowledge gaps
in mind, a textbook has been written with high priority. This book is monograph on Red sanders. It has 25 chapters and each chapter illustrated with figures and tables, wherever, felt necessary. The book provides
information on taxonomy, trade names, natural Distribution , natural associates, wild population status and threats, environment, botanical description, silvicultural characters, natural regeneration, artificial regeneration, establishment of plantation, growth statistics, description of the wood , heartwood formation and its quality, natural varieties of Red sanders, harvesting and processing of heartwood, grading of heartwood, economics of Red sanders wood, uses of Red Sanders, substitutes and adulterants, legislation and policy for regulations of trade, legal and Illegal trade in India International trade and current procedure for trading of Red sanders grown in farm lands. The book is profusely illustrated with colour photographs. This monograph will be a ready reckoner reference and field guide to foresters, botanists, researchers, farmers, traders and students.

 Introduction
 Taxonomy
 Trade Names
 Natural Distribution
 Natural Associates
 Status and Threats of Wild Population
 Environment
 Botanical Description
 Silvicultural Characters
 Natural Regeneration
 Artificial Regeneration
 Establishment of Plantation
 Growth Statistics
 Properties of Wood
 Heartwood Formation and its Quality
 Natural Varieties
 Harvesting and Processing of Heartwood
 Grading of Heartwood
 Economics of Red Sanders
 Uses of Wood
 Substitutes and Adulterants
 Policy and Legislation on Trade
 Legal and Illegal Trade in India
 International Trade
 Current Procedure for Trading