Concepts in Pant Breeding : Objective Analysis

Phundan Singh


Present book has been designed to provide comprehensive information about various plant breeding concepts in
question answer form in one compact volume of 21 chapters. Hope, this volume would be useful to the students, teachers and researchers engaged in the field of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Seed Technology.

 Basic Genetic Concepts
 Transgressive Breeding
 Introgressive Breeding
 Participatory Plant Breeding
 Maintenance Breeding
 Ideotype Breeding
 Breeding for Machine Harvesting
 Breeding for Climate Change
 Breeding for Multiple Cropping Systems
 Breeding for Quality Traits
 Space Breeding and Shuttle Breeding
 Apomixis in Plant Breeding
 Line and Multiline Breeding
 Molecular Breeding
 Smart Breeding
 Reverse Breeding
 Gene Technology
 Introduction to Genomics
 Transgenic Technology
 Introduction to Nanotechnology
 Evolution in Crop Plants