Nutraceuticals and Human Health

A. P. Sarkate, M. A. Patil


The original idea in the preparation of this specialized book is to present maximum basic information on Nutraceuticals, its origin and its applications. The efforts have been made to cover most of the functional food sources, chemistry and its applications to human life on daily basis as well as for long term. The book is made in accordance so that it will cover basics of Functional food in one place for ready reference.


 Effort have been made to describe history, origin, sources and in detail applications of functional foods. The subject matter illustrated with figures and tables, wherever, felt necessary

 Each chapter has been divided into suitable description content leading to precise information. List of tables and figures has been also presented

 The book has been written keeping in view the requirement of the graduate, post graduate students, teachers and researchers in the field of Food Science and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Home science, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical industry as well.

 Functional Food
 Nutraceuticals from Herbal Origin
 Nutraceuticals from Animal Source
 Marine Nutraceuticals
 Nutraceuticals and its Role in Human Health
 Nutraceutical Formulation, Packaging and Labelling