Emerging Trends in Agricultural Marketing in India

M. V. Ashok et al.


This book has been written primarily for the youngsters taking to a career in agribusiness sector, many of them Engineers and from other streams unrelated to agriculture especially as entrepreneurs setting up agri startups and helping farmers in providing information for production related activities and /or largely for assisting farmers in the marketing of their produce besides the large number of Farmer Producer Companies that have sprung up across the country manned by CEOs with or without a background in agriculture. This book should meet a dire need for such entrepreneurs and professionals to understand the sector a little more from an entrepreneurs as well as farmers point of view. The book covers a wide range of subjects like understanding the meaning of output marketing in agriculture, the history of agricultural marketing in India and how it has evolved over the years highlighting the importance of the activity, introduction of digitalisation of operations which help farmers, like the Electronic National Agricultural Markets (eNAM) and presenting an account of three sample states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra, who have reportedly done well in agricultural marketing. Focussing on the emerging trends the book also gives an account of the support from many related agri startups, highlighting the role of Agri tech Startups and Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs) besides contract farming firms in helping the small and marginal farmers in marketing their marketable surplus, with several case studies to bring out the best practices in the actitvity. The book also covers recent developments like the issue of the ordinances by the Government of India in June 2020 in the wake of the nation wide lockdown imposed owing to Covid 19 pandemic.

 Introduction
 History of Agricultural Marketing in India
 Importance of Agricultural Marketing
 Marketing Support from Government of India
 Agricultural Marketing in Sample States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Maharashtra
 Emerging Trends in Indian Agriculture

 Electronic National Agricultural Markets (eNAM)
 The Emergence of Agri Startups
 Farmer Producer Organisations
 Marketing of Organic Farming Produce in India
 Contract Farming