AgriBusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Development

MVS Reddy


Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Today, the agribusiness has become very competitive and complex. Agribusiness is the sum total of all operations involved in the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies, production activities on the farm, storage, processing and distribution of farm commodities and items made from them. Entrepreneurship development is a procedure where the knowledge and skills of the entrepreneurs are improved via multiple classroom and training programs. And the basic idea behind this program is to grow the number of entrepreneurs in the world.
The book has been composed covering the entire course contents of Entrepreneurship Development and Business communication as per the recommendations of the 5th Dean’s Committee of ICAR for under graduate students.
In this book all the relevant topics pertaining to Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Development and viz.,Concept of Entrepreneurship and its Characteristics, SWOT analysis, Motivation, Government policy and programs and institutions for Entrepreneurship Development, Developing organizational skills, Problem solving skills , monitoring and evaluation, supply chain management and Total quality management, startups, Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization, Extension management, Project planning formulation and report preparation etc. are covered.

Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Development will serve as a Handbook for the Under Graduate students, faculties, Colleges of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Sericulture, Home Science, Fishery , Dairy Technology, Business management studies and scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), Agricultural Research Institutes of ICAR or State Agricultural Universities, Government Departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Non-Governmental Organizations and Entrepreneurship Development Institutes etc., connected with Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship development. The students, teachers and research scholars in Department of Agricultural Extension in general and Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Development in particular shall find the book is very useful.

 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development
 Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs), SWOT Analysis and
Generation and Commercialization
 Business ideas
 Government Schemes and Incentives for Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Govt. Policies of Small-Scale
 Industries & Medium Enterprises
 Monitoring, Evaluation and Supervision
 Problem-solving skills, Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management
 Export and Import Policy relevant to Agriculture Sector, Venture Capital, Contract Farming, Joint Ventures and
 Public Private Partnership
 Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization
 Overview of Agricultural Input Industry, Characteristics of Indian Agriculture Processing and Export industry and Social Responsibilities of Business
 Extension Programme Planning and Entrepreneurship Development
 Startup
 Project Planning and Management in Extension
 Project Management
 Budget
 Organization Management and Bureaucracy
 Administrative Communication in Extension Management
 Organization Management and Delegation of Authority
 Human Resource Management in Extension
 Motivation, Personality Development and Stress Management
 Agriculture Journalism