Elements of Farm Power and Machinery: As per 5th Deans’ Committee Recommendations

Kalay Khan, Jagvir Dixit, Padam Singh, Mukesh Rana


This book has been written mainly for the students of BSc (Hons.) Agriculture and Horticulture) students as per the syllabus recommended by the Vth Deans committee. Apart from basic theory and constructional features a number of solved and unsolved problems have been included. The efforts have been taken to make it simpler and thorough for the understanding of the students. The topics covered in the book will enable the students to understand the basic principles, components, construction and working of an engine and different farm machinery. The book is fully illustrated with drawings and photographs depicting working components and operational features of the engine and farm machinery.

1. Introduction

2. Basic Concepts of Energy

3. Sources of Farm Power and Farm Mechanization

4. Engine Types and Its Components

5. Engine Terminology and Engine Calculation

6. Fuel Supply System of Engine

7. Cooling System of Engine

8. Lubrication System of Engine

9. Engine Governor

10. Valve System of Engine

11. Ignition System of Engine

12. Measurement of Engine Power

13. Farm Tractor

14. Tillage Implements

15. Ploughing Terminolog

16. Showing and its Implements

17. Intercultural Tools and Equipment

18. Plant Protection Equipment

19. Harvesting Equipment for Cereals

20. Harvesting Machinery for Vegetables

21. Threshing Equipment

22. Equipments of Hill Agriculture

23. Mechanical Power Transmission

24. Applications of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals in farm Machineries

25. Cost of Operation of Farm Machinery and Power