Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods in Soil and Plant Analysis

Mailappa AS


The current book entitled “Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods in Soil and Plant Analysis” written by Dr. A.S. Mailappa, is an authoritative and comprehensive treatise on analytical chemistry and is an outcome of his visionary discernment and imperative efforts in aligning and contextualizing the academic pursuits on the subject.

This publication includes the state-of-the-art analytical procedures and instrumental methods for characterizing physical, chemical and physico- chemical properties of soil and plant materials, underpinning the congruence of excellence and relevance in meeting the demands of updated curricula and academic framework of undergraduate and post graduate courses of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry.

This book has 22 well-illustrated chapters, critically addressing the basic and fundamental principles of analytical chemistry, easy-to-understand analytical techniques and instrumental methods in the context of soil and plant analysis and is written in a very impressive and lucid style, for the benefit of students / professionals of soil science in particular and agriculture & allied disciplines, as a whole.

This user-friendly book will serve as the primary reference base for conceptual clarity on analytical techniques and instrumental methods and provide readers additional tools, not only to advance their knowledge, but also to enhance the capabilities in their pursuit of excellence, in the domain of soil science and allied subjects.

Readership: Students / Scientists / Teachers / Researchers / Professionals / Lab-technicians of Agricultural Universities / Institutes, engaged in Soil and Plant Analysis.

1. Good Laboratory Practices and Laboratory Safety

2. Basic Principles of Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation Methods

3. Analytical Chemistry – Basic Concepts

4. Laboratory Vessels and their Uses

5. Analytical Chemistry – Basic Techniques

6. Preparation of Primary Standard Solutions

7. Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of an Acid

8. Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of a Base

9. Working Principle of Important Instruments

10. Collection and Preparation of Soil Samples for Laboratory Analysis

11. Collection and Preparation of Plant Samples for Laboratory Analysis

12. Molecular and Equivalent weights of Some Important Compounds

13. Guidelines for the Preparation of Standard Solution

14. Most Important Conversion Factors

15. Some Important Units and Relationships

16. Some Prefix, Symbols and their Meanings

17. Strength of Aqueous solutions of some Acid and Aqueous Ammonia

18. Molarities and Normality of Common Acids and Base

19. Choice of Indicators

20. Properties of Most Important Indicators

21. Preparation of Standard Stock Solution

22. Testing Sieves and Their Size