Objective Agricultural Statistics

Phundan Singh


This book treats the subject in objective manner. Hope this book would be useful to the students and teachers of Agricultural Sciences.

1 Nature and Scope 1
Introduction; Branches of Statistics; Degrees of Statistics; Areas of Statistics; Contribution of some statisticians; Applications of Statisticians; Limitations of Statistics; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

2 Data Collection, Classification and Diagrammatic 7
Introduction; Types of data; Collection of Data; Classification of Data; Tabulation of Data; Diagrammatic Representation; Advantages of diagrammatic representation; Limitations; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

3 Sampling Techniques 13
Introduction; Sampling; Advantages of sampling; Disadvantages of Sampling; Sampling Procedures; Advantages of Random Sampling; Limitations of Random Sampling; Non-Random Sampling; Advantages of non-random Sampling; Limitations of non-random Sampling; Stratified Sampling; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

4 Theoretical Distributions 19
Introduction; Normal Distribution; Binomial Distribution; Poisson Distribution; Skewness; Kurtosis; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

5 Measures of Central Tendency 25
Introduction; Arithmetic Mean; Worked Example; Median; Worked Example; Mode; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

6 Measures of Dispersion 31
Introduction; Range; Standard Deviation; Worked Example; Coefficient of Variation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

7 Simple Correlations 37
Introduction; Simple Correlation; Genotypic Correlation; Phenotypic Correlation; Environmental Correlation; Computation of Correlation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

8 Partial and Multiple Correlations and Regression Analysis 43
Introduction; Types of Correlation; Partial Correlation; Multiple Correlation; Computation of Correlation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

9 Tests of Significance 49
Introduction; Types of Hypothesis; Tests of Significance; Z Test; Worked Example; t-Test; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

10 Chi-square Test 55
Introduction; Degrees of Freedom; Applications of X2 Test; Computation of X2 Value; Worked Examples; Limitations of X2
Test; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

11 Analysis of Variance and Covariance 61
Introduction; Analysis of Variance; Assumptions of ANOVA; Advantages of ANOVA, Steps involved in ANOVA; Limitations of ANOVA; Worked Example; Test of Significance; Analysis of Covariance; Assumptions of ANOCOVA; Advantages of ANOCOVA, Steps involved in ANOCOVA; Limitations of ANOCOVA; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

12 Principles of Field Experimentation 67
Introduction; Advantages; Basic Principles Involved; Important Terms; Types of Experimental Designs; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

13 Types of Experimental Design 73
Introduction; Completely Randomized Design; Randomized Block Design; Latin Square Design; Split Plot Design; Lattice Design; Augmented Design; Summary; Glossary; Questions.