Introduction to Agricultural Statistics

Phundan Singh


This book provides comprehensive information on Agricultural Statistics. Hope this book would be useful to the students, researchers, engaged in the field of Agricultural Sciences.

1 Nature and Scope
Introduction; Branches of Statistics; Degrees of Statistics; Areas of Statistics; Contribution of some statisticians; Applications of Statisticians; Limitations of Statistics; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

2 Data Collection, Classification and Diagrammatic Representation
Introduction; Types of data; Collection of Data; Classification of Data; Tabulation of Data; Diagrammatic Representation; Advantages of diagrammatic representation; Limitations; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

3 Sampling Techniques
Introduction; Sampling; Advantages of sampling; Disadvantages of Sampling; Sampling Procedures; Advantages of Random Sampling; Limitations of Random Sampling; Non-Random Sampling; Advantages of non-random Sampling; Limitations of non-random Sampling; Stratified Sampling; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

4 Theoretical Distributions
Introduction; Normal Distribution; Binomial Distribution; Poisson
Distribution; Skewness; Kurtosis; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

5 Measures of Central Tendency
Introduction; Arithmetic Mean; Worked Example; Median; Worked
Example; Mode; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

6 Measures of Dispersion
Introduction; Range; Standard Deviation; Worked Example; Coefficient of Variation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.
7 Simple Correlations
Introduction; Simple Correlation; Genotypic Correlation; Phenotypic Correlation; Environmental Correlation; Computation of Correlation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

8 Partial and Multiple Correlations and Regression Analysis
Introduction; Types of Correlation; Partial Correlation; Multiple Correlation; Computation of Correlation; Interpretation of Results; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

9 Tests of Significance
Introduction; Types of Hypothesis; Tests of Significance; Z Test; Worked Example; t-Test; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

10 Chi-square Test
Introduction; Degrees of Freedom; Applications of X2 Test; Computation of X2 Value; Worked Examples; Limitations of X2 Test; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

11 Analysis of Variance and Covariance
Introduction; Analysis of Variance; Assumptions of ANOVA; Advantages of ANOVA, Steps involved in ANOVA; Limitations of ANOVA; Worked Example; Test of Significance; Analysis of Covariance; Assumptions of ANOCOVA; Advantages of ANOCOVA, Steps involved in ANOCOVA; Limitations of ANOCOVA; Worked Example; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

12 Principles of Field Experimentation
Introduction; Advantages; Basic Principles Involved; Important Terms; Types of Experimental Designs; Summary; Glossary; Questions.

13 Types of Experimental Design
Introduction; Completely Randomized Design; Randomized Block Design; Latin Square Design; Split Plot Design; Lattice Design; Augmented Design; Summary; Glossary; Questions.