Objectives on Food Engineering and Technology: For ARS, NET, SRF, JRF, CFTRI, GATE and other competitive examinations

Shivmurthi Srivastava et al.


The purpose of the book is to provide directions and a platform for preparation of various entrance/ competitive examinations in the field of Food Engineering and Technology like NET, GATE, ARS, CFTRI, ICAR- PG etc. The book contains food engineering numerical based objectives which will definitely provide hand on practice for entrance examination preparation. Authors have made sincere efforts to prepare unique and logical questions bouquet from the various specialized fields of Food Engineering and Technology. The book enriched with around 2000 objective questions on different topics such as Heat Transfer in Food Processing , Psychometric Properties, Food Drying and Dehydration, Food Refrigeration and Freezing, Distillation, Extraction and Evaporation, Mixing, Storage Engineering, Process Instrumentation and Control, Food Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Properties of Food Materials, Food Chemistry, Nutrition & Biochemistry, Dairy Engineering and Technology, Fruits and Vegetable Processing, Cereals, Pulses and Bakery Technology, Food Packaging Technology, Food Rheology and Sensory Evaluation, Food Standards and Quality Assurance, Meat, Eggs and Poultry, Food Microbiology, General Food Science. This book can sensitize students and initiate logical thinking among so that students can take on various competitive examinations with confidence and enthusiasm. A single book may not be perfect or complete. Authors of this book will always try to improve the content by incorporating suggestions from the reader and recent technologies upgradation.

1. Heat Transfer in Food Processing 1

2. Psychometric Properties 33

3. Food Drying and Dehydration 47

4. Food Refrigeration and Freezing 61

5. Distillation, Extraction and Evaporation 73

6. Mixing 91

7. Storage Engineering 103

8. Process Instrumentation and Control 107

9. Food Engineering Thermodynamics 123

10. Engineering Properties of Food Materials 135

11. Food Chemistry, Nutrition & Biochemistry 155

12. Dairy Engineering and Technology 171

13. Fruits and Vegetable Processing 199

14. Cereals, Pulses and Bakery Technology 213

15. Food Packaging Technology 229

16. Food Rheology and Sensory Evaluation 245

17. Food Standards and Quality Assurance 261

18. Meat, Eggs and Poultry 277

19. Food Microbiology 283

20. General Food Science 293