Big Leaf Mahogany : A Tree for Wealth and Health

Durai MV


Mahogany is one of popular tropical timbers in the world. Recently, it is being widely cultivated in farm lands for timber production due to fast growth, attractive wood colour and multiple uses. This is first comprehensive text book on mahogany in India. The book presents information from seed to seed – introduction, distribution, description of tree, favourable environmental conditions, fruit maturity and seed collection, natural regeneration and nursery technique, establishment and management of plantation, growth statistics, timber yield, insects and diseases, physical, anatomical, mechanical and machining properties of wood, identification of wood from other related mahogany woods, market price of wood and uses of mahogany in lucid manner with a lot illustrations. This book would caters the needs of students, farmers, tree- growers, nursery personnel and other stakeholders who are involved in plantation forestry.

1. Introduction

2. Distribution

3. Description of Tree

4. Environmental Conditions

5. Fruit Maturity and Seed Collection

6. Natural Regeneration

7. Artificial Regeneration

8. Establishment of Plantation

9. Management of Plantation

10. Rate of Growth

11. Timber Yield

12. Insect-pests

13. Diseases

14. Properties of Wood

15. Phyto-chemistry of Mahogany

16. Timber Value

17. Uses