Agrometeorology – An Answer To Climate Crisis

SJ Reddy


About the book:

The Science of Climate and the science of Climate Change have been built by our fore-fathers in adapting agriculture to weather and climate of a location/region based on their experiences over the centuries and voyagers travelling around the world on land and in the oceans. Around two centuries back such knowledge was scientifically coded and created in usable format.


Such a knowledge has been formed part of education system.  But now this vital knowledge is under great threat from vested interested national and international agencies of global warming and carbon credits. We need to protect our ancient wisdom of sciences.


The principal objective of this book is to put the science of climate and the science of climate change into the right track by clearing the misgivings created by vested groups. This is right time that our children & grandchildren should be put into the right track of science. To achieve this goal it was linked to agrometeorology as a tool to answer climate crisis.




·        This book provides a practical guide to students and as well planners on the ground realities relating to the sciences of climate and the science of climate change by correcting the misgivings through Climate Crisis propaganda. This is a continuation of previous book on agrometeorology


·        The book discusses the misnomers prevailing in the literature on global warming vs climate crisis and provides the right path to such misnomers


·        The book discusses the concepts by using wide range of issues in this direction by clarifying several misnomers while presenting the story on climate crisis aspects that are basically linked to hypothetical global warming

  1. Introduction
  2. Climate Crisis A Misnomer
  3. Realities On Temperature
  4. Agriculture vs Climate Crisis
  5. Urban Flooding Vs Climate Crisis
  6. Examples: Pros & Cons Assessment of Climate Crisis
  7. Agrometeorology An Answer to Climate Crisis
  8. Summary and Concluding Remarks