Farm Machinery and Equipment – Practical Manual (Based on 5th Deans’ Recommendations)


Jagvir Dixit, Kaley Khan, M. Muzamil


This book contains 16 practical covering different farm machines & equipment being used for spraying/dusting, fertilizer application, weeding operation, harvesting & threshing of cereal/cash crops, harvesting of tuber crops and fruits crops.


  • Latest farm machinery available in the market have been incorporated in the book.
  • For better understanding schematic diagrams and overview of working operations have been added.
  • A few exercises, numerical problems and calculations to be carried out by the students have been added at the end of each practical.


This book is intended to be serving as a useful resource to the Agriculture/Horticulture/Agricultural Engineering graduates, Farm Machinery & Power Engineering post-graduates of Indian Agricultural Universities. This manual covers the contents as per the updated 5th Dean’s Recommendations of ICAR.

 Study of different types of sprayers, their types and
functional components
 Study of dusters, their types and functional components
 Study of calibration of sprayer and calculations for
chemical application rates
 Study of nozzle types and spread pattern using
 Familiarization with manual and powered weeding
equipment and identification of functional components
 Study of various types of mowers and functional
 To study various types of reapers and functional
 Study of fertilizer application equipment including
manure spreaders and fertilizer broadcasters
 Familiarization with threshing systems and
cleaning systems in threshers
 Calculations of losses in threshers
 Familiarization with functional units of grain
combines and their types
 Calculations for grain losses in a combine
 Study of root crop diggers and familiarization
with the functional units and attachments
 Familiarization with the working of cotton
 Familiarization with the working of maize
 Familiarization with different types of fruit