Entrepreneurship Development and AgriBusiness Management

N. Yuvaraja


Just like any other business, agriculture is also a profit making business. But in India farmers struggle to make profits, because agribusiness in India is highly unorganized and not managed like an actual business. This book will help readers to understand how an agribusiness can be conducted in an organized way (i.e., ‘business like’) by adopting Management principles and functions. This book will help prepare students and managers for a successful career in this new world driven by market economy.


– Entrepreneurship/ Agripreneurship development part of the book discusses about entrepreneurial traits, tendencies, characteristics of good entrepreneur sources of innovative opportunities that a entrepreneur can grab to start a business.

– The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of the Graduate, Post graduate Students, Teachers and Research Scientists of Indian agricultural universities as per the latest updations of the 5th Deans’ Committee Recommendations

– This book is highly beneficial to students who are preparing for ICAR and state agricultural university entrance examinations (AgriBusiness Management)

1. Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
2. Innovation
3. Business Environment
4. MSME, KVIC, and Incubators
5. Agribusiness
6. Evolution of Management Thought
7. Management
8. Planning
9. Objectives
10. Forms of Business Organization
11. Organizing
12. Delegation, Centralization and Decentralization
13. Staffing
14. Directing
15. Motivation
16. Communication
17. Leadership
18. Controlling
19. Functional Areas of Management
20. Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management
21. Marketing and Financial Management