Bioprospecting of Underutilized Horticulture Crops

K.V. Peter


Bioprospecting of Underutilized Horticulture Crops is a science-based compilation of 17 chapters authored by 41 scientists from 23 Research Institutes and Universities. Every plant in this universe has uses as medicine, food, feed and secondary agriculture. Bioprospecting of medicinal and aromatic plants; Bioprospecting of medicinal plants originated in western ghats; Bioprospecting of important medicinal and aromatic plants in different agro-ecological situations of Rajasthan; Importance of underutilized horticultural crops and future prospects and Underutilized vegetables of pharmaceutical values and uses are general introductory chapters.

Bioprospecting of specific crops-Salacia beddomei-; Edible tree leafy vegetables in the wild; Avocado; Bael; Dragon fruit; Kiwi fruit; Strawberry; Sweet lovi – lovi; Pseudocereals, Bamboos and Medicinal perspectives of Litchens – are elaborated. The book is targeted to practitioners and students of Ayurveda, Sidha, Unani and Tribal medical practitioners and students and research scholars in aromatic and medicinal plants.

The book is edited by Prof. K.V. Peter, President – Indian Society of Vegetable Science, Varanasi and Chairman, Kerala Region, National Academy of Sciences, Prayagraj.

1. Bioprospecting of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
2. Bioprospectives of Medicinal Plants
3. Biodiversity of Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Different Agro-Ecological
4. Importance and Prospects of Underutilized Horticultural Crops
5. Under-utilized Vegetables of Pharmaceutical Values and Uses
6. Salacia beddomei Gamble – A potential Endemic Medicinal Plant
7. Edible Tree Leafy Vegetables in the Wild
8. Avocado: Importance and Uses
9. Bioprospecting of Bael (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa)
10. Dragon Fruit Cultivation and its Potential for North-East India
11. Dragon Fruit
12. Kiwi Fruit Cultivation
13. Strawberry in Tropics
14. Sweet Lovi-lovi
15. Pseudocereals
16. Edible Bamboos
17. Medicinal Perspectives of Lichen