Soil and Applied Microbiology

Chaya P. Patil


With the advancement in science and technology, the core contents of each subject change to suit the needs for theoretical and practical needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book “Soil and Applied Microbiology” with sixteen chapters covers the aspects on soil and applied aspects of microbiology covering soil environment, Biogeochemical cycles, Rhizosphere, Phyllosphere, Microbial interactions in the soil environment. The Applied aspects of Microbiology such as Air, Water and Food Microbiology are covered in depth. Industrial Microbiology which is yet another important aspect of Microbiology is also covered comprehensively in the book. Biofertilizers, Enzymes, Waste Recycling, and Bio pesticides play very important role in the present scenario hence some important points on these aspects are also covered. Additional feature of this book such as reactions, depictions, figures will extensively help students and teachers to follow the subject easily.

1. History of Soil Microbiology
2. Soil Environment
3. Soil Microflora
4. Biogeochemical Cycles
5. Composting
6. Biopesticides
7. Rhizosphere Microflora
8. Seed Borne Microflora and Spermophere Efffect
9. Advances in Phyllosphere Microbiology
10. Microbial Interactions
11. Air Microbiology
12. Water Microbiology
13. Food Microbiology
14. Waste Recycling: Microbial Degradation of Organics and Inorganic Pollutants
15. Microbial Enzymes
16. Industrial Microbiology