Fundamentals of Seed Science and Technology

P.K. Agrawal, Anuradha Varier


This book provides an introduction to the science and technology of seeds. It deals with various aspects of seed such as development, production, certification, seed testing and evaluation, storage and packing and marketing. It examines the interconnection of plant breeding and seed technology and also has chapters of topical interests such as the impact of climate change on seed production. Keeping in mind the advancement in the use of biotechnological methods in seed testing this book incorporates some of these techniques for genetic purity testing. It exposes the readers to some of the state of art and future trends in seed science. This book is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students of Seed Science and Technology and Plant Breeding. As well, it would be useful for people in seed industry. It would also be beneficial for newcomers because of the lucid style in which the various topics are handled. This book will be useful, we hope, to all those who wants to have a quick grasp of the subject of seed science and technology in shortest time.

1. Introduction
2. Seed Development and Maturation
3. Concept of Seed Quality and Factors Affecting it
4. Relationship between Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
5. Impact of Climate Change on Seed Production and Quality
6. Seed Borne Diseases
7. Insects During Seed Production and Storage
8. Seed Production and Certification
9. Seed Processing
10. Tetrazolium Test for Seed Viability and Vigour
11. Seed Testing
12. Seed Storage and Packing
13. Seed Marketing
14. Plant Variety Protection and Farmers Rights Act
15. Variety Identification
16. Seed Priming: Concepts and Uses
17. Indian Seed Legislation