Essentials of Soil Science

Suresh Kumar, S.K. Singh


Present book Essentials of Soil Science has been designed to provide comprehensive information about soil. The book deals with all concepts of soil as a natural body and medium for plant growth, namely; soil composition, soil forming rocks and minerals, soil formation, soil profile and its major horizons, physical properties of soil, soil colloids, ion exchange, soil reaction, salt affected soils, soil acidity, submerged soils, reclaimation of soil, soil biology, soil organic matter and its decomposition, soils of India, soil taxonomy, soil survey and remote sensing and its application.


1. Concept of Soil as a Natural Body and Medium for Plant Growth
2. Soil and its Composition
3. Soil Forming Rocks and Minerals
4. Soil Formation
5. Soil Profile and its Major Horizons
6. Physical Properties of Soil
7. Soil Colloids and its Properties
8. Ion Exchange
9. Soil Reaction
10. Salt Affected Soils and Submerged Soils
11. Soil Acidity
12. Reclamation of Soil
13. Soil Biology
14. Soil Organic Matter and its Decomposition
15. Soils of India
16. Soil Taxonomy
17. Soil Survey
18. Remote Sensing and its Application