Land Evaluation for Sustainable Agriculture

L.G.K. Naidu, V. Ramamurthy, O. Challa, M. Velayutham


With more than a billion people to feed from the same patch of land, we need to develop new standards for agriculture production, which is only possible with proper land evaluation. Land Evaluation for Sustainable Agriculture addresses the issue and helps agriculturalists make better decisions regarding sustainable land use and crop growth.

The topics discussed in the book covers the syllabus for the course on “Land Use Planning”, a subject where no detailed resources are present to the academia.


Chapter 1 : Land and Soil Features Of India

Chapter 2 : Soil Resource Inventory

Chapter 3 : Agro-Climatic Zonation

Chapter 4 : Land Suitability Criteria for Crops

Chapter 5 : Land Evaluation Approaches

Chapter 6 : Integrated Land Use Planning: Approaches at Macro and Micro Level

Chapter 7 : Food Security and Environmental Security