Introduction to Bioinformatics: Basic Concepts and Applications

A.K. Mishra


Bioinformatics is a shortened form of biological informatics. An interdisciplinary research area including areas such as medicine, biology, agriculture, environment, drug discovery etc. Modern biological research revolves around prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome sequencing, which requires refined computational tools.

It is therefore imperative for the modern biologist to be equipped with bundles of database to tackle these 21st century problems. Hence this book is presented to comprehensively cover all state of the art basics of bioinformatics in a clear and concise manner.

The book is written to clear all basic and technical complications in bioinformatics and enhance the readers’ ability to tackle research problems and become aware of various computational opportunities for modern biological research and the assets and conformity of all software and tools.

1 . Introduction to Bioinformatics
2 . Biological Databases
3 . Sequence Alignment
4 . Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA)
5 . Phylogenetic Analysis
6 . Comparative Genomics
7 . RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
8 . Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
9 . Protein Tertiary structure prediction
10. Molecular Structure Visualization
11. Computer-Aided Drug Designing
12. Microarray Technology
13. Next- Generation Genome Sequencing- Emerging Technologies and Applications
14. Basic Concept of PERL