Farm Power and Machinery: As per the 5th Deans’ Committee Recommendations

Surendra Singh


With new upgradations in technology and machinery, it was time for a holistic textbook for students to address the changing times. ‘Farm Power and Machinery’ is a sincere effort to compile all relevant information as per the recommendations of ICAR 5th Deans’ Committee.

• The book contains chapters on the Status of farm power in India, Internal Combustion Engines, Tractors Systems and Components, Power Tillers and Components, Tillage Tools and Equipment, Seeding, Planting and Transplanting Machinery, Weeding and Fertilizer Application Equipment, Plant Protection Equipment, Harvesting & Threshing Equipment and Farm Machinery Management.
• Chapter Harvesting and Threshing contains information on Harvesting/Digging, Threshing/Shelling Equipment, Forage Harvesting Equipment, and Straw Management Equipment.
• All chapters are supported with Tables, Graphs, Tracings, and Photos.

1. Status of Farm Power in India
2. Internal Combustion Engines
3. Tractors and Components
4. Power Tillers and Components
5. Tillage Tools and Equipment
6. Seeding and Planting Equipment
7. Weeding and Fertilizer Application Equipment
8. Plant Protection Equipment
9. Harvesting & Threshing
10. Farm Machinery Management