Human Health Through Better Nutrition and Hygiene

M.K. Rana


Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain a largely unexplored array of non-nutrient bioactive compounds, not among the 40 essential nutrients. Thousands of natural compounds consumed via food may impact health. All foodstuffs have some function but functional compound in fruits and vegetables move beyond necessity to provide additional health benefits that may reduce disease risk and/or promote optimal health. Health studies show that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables protects against many chronic diseases but it is important to understand how specific fruit and vegetable components act or interact to affect disease risk. The body near fifty starts becoming susceptible to several ailments and disorders that can derail health, happiness and even life itself.

1. Anatomy and Physiology of Human
2. Climate Change and Human Health
3. Health Impact of Heavy Metals through Vegetable Consumption
4. Pollutants- A Serious Threat to Human Health
5. Health Hazards of Pesticides and their Dislodging
6. Toxicity from Tropical Food Ingestion
7. Frying Media Toxicity
8. Food Allergies and Food Intolerance
9. Allergy Associated With Household Mites
10. Ecto- and Endo-Parasites
11. Endocrine Disorders of Human
12. Sleep, Dream and Sleep Disorders
13. Human Memory and Some Memory Tips
14. Causes and Remedy of Obesity
15. Diabetes Mellitus
16. Osteoporosis: A Porous Affair
17. Back Pain and Spodylosis
18. Genetic Disorder
19. Food and Water-Borne Diseases
20. Milk-Borne Infectious Diseases and Their Prevention
21. Meat Borne Diseases and Their Prevention
22. Human Diseases of Microbial Origin
23. Hospital Acquired Infectious Disease