A Textbook of Farm Machinery and Equipment: Principles and Practice

T. Senthilkumar et al.,


About the Book

This Farm Machinery and Equipment– text book has been designed as a textbook for the under graduate students of Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture who studying Farm Machinery and Equipment courses in state Agricultural Universities and other Institutions as per 5th Deans committee
recommendations of ICAR. This book represents the vast amount of farm machinery information related to land to harvest. It includes the chapters on farm power sources, material for construction of farm equipment, theory and principles of tillage & tillage equipment, sowing and planting equipment, intercultural tools, Plant protection equipment, fertilizer application equipment, harvesting and
threshing equipment, horticultural machinery, land reclamation & earth moving equipment, Forage harvesting & Hay management equipment, combine harvesters, Root crop, cotton & sugarcane harvesting machinery, selection of equipment and cost economics.
This text book will prove to be a good reference book for students who are all studying Agricultural Engineering and Agriculture degree programs. This book will serve as a useful resource and as a practice kit to the Agricultural Engineering graduates, Farm Power & Machinery post graduates and for the students
appearing for various competitive exams in the field of farm machinery and equipment.

 Farm Mechanization
 Materials of Construction for Farm Machines
 Tillage
 Primary Tillage Implements
 Secondary Tillage Equipment
 Land Reclamation and Earth Moving Equipment
 Sowing and Planting Equipment
 Rice Transplanters
 Intercultural Tools and Implements
 Plant Protection Equipment
 Fertilizer Application Equipment
 Harvesting Machinery
 Hay and Forage
 Harvesting Machinery
 Threshing Machinery
 Combine Harvester
 Root Crop, Cotton and Sugarcane Harvesting Machinery
 Horticultural Machinery
 Selection and Cost Economics of Farm Machinery
 Index