Laboratory Experiments In Food Engineering And Technology

Prakash Kumar Nayak, Subhajit Ray, Radhakrishnan Kesavan


About the Book
Nowadays, with the emergence of technological development in the food processing and allied industries, a suitable blending and understanding of practical aspects of food engineering & technology is essential. Basically it requires the sound knowledge of various process engineering operations involved. In view of
its importance, the present book covers all the relevant experimental procedures involved in unit operations e.g. drying, liquid-liquid extraction, solid-solid extraction, distillation and mechanical operations e.g. crushing, grinding, sieve analysis. Moreover, it included the fluid flow characteristics and their measurement techniques require for providing relevant additional information.


 Efforts have been made to describe the experimental details based upon unit operations and fluid mechanics in a systematic manner.
 Each experiment has been divided into objective, aim, brief introduction, principle, process description, utilities, experimental procedure, observation and calculation formulas, nomenclature, precautions and maintenance instructions, trouble shooting, doubt clearing in understanding and selected
references. Moreover, the practical aspects illustrated with figures and tables, wherever, felt necessary.
 The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of the diploma, graduate, post graduate students, faculty members and industry professionals involved in the field of food engineering, food technology, chemical engineering and biotechnology.

 Ball Mill
 Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus
 Bubble Cap Distillation Column
 Centrifugal Pump Set-up
 Discharge Through Nozzle Meter
 Flow Through Fluidized Bed
 Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece
 Forced-Draft Tray Dryer
 Froth Flotation Cell
 Hammer Mill
 Jaw Crusher
 Liquid-Liquid Extraction in a
 Packed Bed
 Losses due to Pipe Fittings
 Losses due to Pipe Friction
 Natural Draft Tray Dryer
 Packed Bed Distillation Column
 Pitot Tube Apparatus
 Reynold􀀗s Apparatus
 Roll Crusher
 Rotap Sieve Shaker
 Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter
 Rotary Dryer
 Solid-Solid Extraction Unit
 (Packed Bed Type)
 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Set-Up
 Venturimeter Set-Up
 Vibrating Screen